Asher knows that Layla and you will Spencer’s dating try ever growing, however, cannot can prevent they

Asher knows that Layla and you will Spencer’s dating try ever growing, however, cannot can prevent they

Asher try Beverly High’s greater receiver. He or she is all of the cam, in addition to all of the walk. He work difficult for exactly what they have and even more difficult to possess what the guy wants, so when Spencer comes up and threatens for taking over just catches of your, Asher tries to sabotage your to save his location.

He or she is a young man whose previous selection possess influenced his future over the guy knows. Immediately after a lifestyle changing disclosure he cannot gamble activities, Asher is set to put their errors at the rear of him and get an alternate highway moving forward. Although not, it’s more challenging so that go from recreations than simply he previously consider it may be.

Seasons You to

In the « Pilot », Jordan brings up Spencer for the class together with Layla and you will Asher, who takes on an equivalent updates and you may isn’t really as well delighted regarding Spencer joining the team. He states something impolite and you may Spencer walks aside.

Jordan provides Spencer on Baker domestic, and you will Spencer requires find from how incredible our house are. Michael jordan demonstrates that his mom, Laura, was an attorney. While they’re hanging out, Jordan overhears his father for the mobile. Billy would not have employed Spencer in the event that individuals to your his class had half of their prospective. So it visibly upsets Jordan exactly who says to Asher they must score gone Spencer.

Together, Jordan and you may Asher write an idea and also have Spencer in the future so you can an event you to definitely nights or take images. Spencer’s concerned since they features routine the following day nonetheless they to make sure your it’s simply exercises. Michael jordan and Asher put their beverages out, but Spencer will get quite intoxicated, also it reveals the next day.

Within behavior, Spencer rapidly finds out it’s scrimmage day, and he was cheated. He will get upset and actually starts to battle, but Mentor vacation trips it.

When you look at the « 99 Trouble », Asher is still envious out of Spencer. Asher is quite passive aggressive and it will be annoying on minutes. Spencer overshadows him as the they are extremely confident in which he try and you will just what the guy wishes, that is an excellent Asher lacks. Including, Asher covertly match that have Olivia in the vehicle and show which they slept together with her a little while back when Olivia is with the medication.

During the activities routine, Spencer causes Asher in order to sprain his foot so Coach Baker requires Asher out from the then online game. Inside the Enhancer People, Asher’s dad, Mr. Adams, are sizing upwards Spencer and you may they are pissed you to definitely their man are unable to play due to his sprained foot. Mr. Adams tries to stick discreet jabs but their frustration takes over and he brings a complete world in the exact middle of the new party. The guy drops the new bomb on Spencer’s residence.

In « I », Asher still sees Spencer as a risk; blaming Spencer for losing the game. Immediately following Asher and you can company make their distaste to possess Spencer precise, racial stress rises regarding the hallway regarding Beverly Large. At the same time, Asher insists to your keeping his secret undetectable, given that they are totally aware of this new danger of dropping Layla, their character plus Olivia.

During the « Reduce Yourself », Asher places one of his notorious activities, which happen to be noted for nuts escapades. A gaming game causes an unexpected end when Asher manages to lose his father’s Porsche to a single from their teammates, JJ, whom up coming accidents it. Asher was struggling to find a simple solution until Spencer offers to help. Asher try broke: the house is not is actually, and you will neither ‘s the auto. The auto is actually gone back to its house back to Beverly Mountains. Spencer suggests Asher to tell Layla on the his economic problems.

Inside the « The option Is Your personal », during the an impressive games up against Culver Area, Michael jordan isn’t the greatest safeguards to possess Asher. This brings pressure between the two. On the locker area, individuals are excited — except Asher, just who faces Michael jordan — but he tells Asher to end whining.

Adopting the video game, JP, Chynna, Layla, and you will Asher are receiving food. JP isn’t satisfied which have Asher. Layla gets mad that have Asher when he initiate talking about their dad bringing your during the a personal spray to visit snorkeling. She leaves new dining table only whenever Spencer arrives to suffice their dining. She prompts Asher become themselves, but he’s over it.

Coach attempts to mend Asher and you can Jordan’s relationship by taking him or her to Malibu’s habit online game. Here, Asher and you will Michael jordan are nevertheless on odds; ultimately causing an actual physical altercation. Jordan spills this new kidney beans on Olivia to help you Asher who is apologetic but Jordan is wanting to not ever listen to him. The guy thinks Asher grabbed benefit of Olivia. Mentor renders Jordan and you will Asher walk household together with her; given that these are typically strolling, Asher opens up in the their economic facts and you can apologizes to own resting which have Olivia, the guy understands that it absolutely was a mistake. Jordan forgives your and you may apologizes.


Inside « California Like », immediately after Layla comes clean on the the woman hug which have Spencer, Asher forgives the girl. Later on, from the homecoming dancing, Layla dumps Asher. Asher’s ego is really delicate. The guy becomes intoxicated and you may airs everything from stage at the front end of your entire university. The key is going, today Layla understands Olivia and Asher slept with her.

In « Homecoming », Asher has been frozen for another a few games. Asher’s dad, Harold Adams, pays Billy a call. Harold wants Asher into the job in any way called for, but you to definitely happens up against Billy’s ethical and you may ethics when he tries to educate the newest guys how to become « decent people. » Harold will not proper care. Recreations ‘s the just cause Harold wants to enter Asher’s life and he helps make you to definitely visible when he kicks your out and says to your to « pick it up » with his mother.

Jordan discovers Asher from the eatery if you’re he’s toward a romantic date which have Ripley. He faces Asher about the homecoming fiasco. Asher seems responsible and you can embarrassed, however, Jordan suggests and also make something correct.

Asher, on stands, watches given that Michael jordan stands out versus him, even rating the new successful touchdown. Michael jordan face Asher, knowing that he gave its plays towards Malibu cluster.